On July 19

People of the modern age, rejoice because there is nothing like looking and living on the bright side of history. For one thing, we’ve got soap and indoor plumbing. We have smartphones and cars, and access to the entire world’s accumulated knowledge at our fingertips. You could say we are all just standing on the shoulders of giants. So what is it about history and looking back into the past that is so fascinating? We can see how far society has come. On this day that age, July 19th in history, there were advances in science, culture, suffrage. There were uprisings, revolts, and battles. What happened on July 19th, this day in history? Grab another cup of coffee and keep on reading. 

Famous Historical Events

1553: There’s nothing quite like a historical catfight that ends in execution. On this day that age in history, Mary the First replaced 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey as Queen of England. Grey was imprisoned in the Tower of London and eventually beheaded, while Mary went on to become one of the country’s most infamous rulers. She’s gone down in the history books as Bloody Mary for her role in persecuting Protestants throughout her reign of terror. Her sister, Queen Elizabeth the First, became queen after her death and England finally entered a more peaceful era. 

Lady Jane Grey

1692: Five more people are executed during the Salem Witch trials, a time of great terror in American colonial history. In total, more than 200 were accused and imprisoned, and 20 were executed. Eventually, the colony recognized how painfully stupid they were and compensated the families of the accused and executed with reparations. 

Salem Witch trials

1848: The Seneca Falls Convention starts. It was the first women’s rights convention to take place in the U.S., and more than 300 men and women attended where they protested against the social, political, and economic discrimination against women. 

1860: The first railroad reaches Kansas. By the end of the century, the entire country would be crisscrossed with railroad lines, and the advances in transportation would transform the country into an economic powerhouse. 

first railroad reaches Kansas

1870: On this day in history, the Franco-Prussian War commenced. France declared war against Germany, and after nine months of bloody fighting, Germany won the war. 

1879: Doc Holliday kills for the first time when a man attempts to shoot up Holliday’s saloon in New Mexico. 

Dr. John H. Holliday

1900: The Paris Metro opened on this day, July 19th. It was the densest metro in the world at the time and the second-largest metro in Europe. 

1903: Maurice Garin became the first person to win the debut of the first Tour de France. The famous bike race now takes place every year. 

Famous Birthdays

1860: Lizzie Borden 

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden was accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an ax in 1892. After a sensational trial, Borden was acquitted. She inherited a tidy sum from her deceased father and lived out the rest of her days a wealthy social pariah. 

Famous Deathdays

1977: Noel Wien

Wien was the founder of Wien Air Alaska, the first airline in the state. Wien also introduced the airplane to Alaska and flying quickly became the preferred mode of travel and transport to this isolated region of the country. Wien died on this day in history at the age of 78. 

These historical events prove that past can be crazier than an outhouse rat. How ironic that Borden was the only one to benefit from her parents’ untimely deaths, and how different could English history have been if Lady Jane Grey had become queen? We’ll never know, but taking a glimpse into the past can give us insight into human behavior and the fickle twists of fate.

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