On July 25

Once you know what went down on this day in history, July 25, you’ll agree that it’s a gross one. Some days are full of more celestial and cerebral discoveries than others, but not today. On this day in 2017, researchers published in the Human Reproduction Update journal that sperm counts have been halved in the last forty years. We’re not sure what’s halving them, but that’s not all for the blood, guts, and glory (gory?) we’ll discover on this day, that age in history, July 25. 

Famous Historical Events

1916: On this day in history, there was an explosion at the Lake Erie and Cleveland Waterworks. Before the explosion, the water intake tunnels were being constructed along the shoreline of Lake Erie. The tunnels were supposed to bring in fresh, clean water to the city of Cleveland. At that time, shoreline water was very polluted and also untreated, which led to high infection rates of cholera and typhoid. 

An estimated 70 men were killed in the explosion. The majority of the workers were German and Irish immigrants. This event is particularly notable thanks to the rescue efforts of Garrett A. Morgan, an African-American inventor who is most famous for his invention of the three-position traffic light, and he was also the founder of the Cleveland Call newspaper. After hearing of the explosion, Morgan took his newest device, a special mask, to the rescuers. At the time, Morgan received little recognition for his efforts. 

1918: Race riots break out in Chester, PA. Three African Americans and two whites are killed in the riots. The riot was precipitated by a black woman, Adella Bond, moving into a primarily white suburb of Philadelphia. After two days of on and off again fighting, a group of angry white rioters attempts to lynch a black man. The police eventually arrived but arrested the black man for assault. 

Philadelphia, PA

1943: Dictator Benito Mussolini is dismissed as the Italian Premier, and subsequently arrested. Mussolini met an end fitting for the world’s most heinous dictators. He and his long-time girlfriend and a group of supporters were executed by way of machine gun fire. But that’s not the end of this bloody tale.  

The bodies were stuffed into the trunk of a car and driven to Milan where they were dumped into the middle of the town square. The angry townspeople made short work of the bodies, shooting them, spitting on them, and stabbing them with all manner of weapons and everyday household objects. We guess Mussolini wasn’t dead enough for the people he once ruled over with an iron fist. 


1944: Operation Spring is unleashed during some of the peak fightings of WWII. It was the bloodiest day in Canadian military history. Canada suffered more than 18,000 casualties and over 5,000 killed. 

Operation Spring

1997: We’re not sure what it is about fertility on this day in history, but in 1997, scientists cultured the first human stem cells in a lab using tissues from aborted human embryos. 

first human stem cells

Famous Birthdays

1923: Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty

Getty is best known for her role as Sophia on The Golden Girls. She was born on this day in history in New York City. 

Famous Deathdays

1834: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Coleridge founded the Romantic Movement and is best known for his poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” He died of heart failure on this day in history at age 61. 

July 25 was a bloody day throughout history, full of riots, battles, and wars. If you’re looking for more light-hearted reading material, tomorrow, July 26 in history, is another day.

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