On August 1

This day, that age in history was a big day for both music and sports – two things that have a way of making people happy. Well, not so much for sports on this day because Hitler was involved. This day in history was also a big day for anthrax and Liz Taylor, the world’s most prolific husband collector. Fasten your seatbelts. August 1 is a bumpy ride through time. 

Famous Historical Events

1936: In 1936, Adolf Hitler opened the Berlin Olympics. Not one to let human decency stand in their way, Hitler and several high-profile organizers of the event tried to initially have Jews and those of African descent banned from competing in the games. But several countries threatened to boycott the Berlin Olympics if Hitler insisted on it. 18 African American athletes placed in the track and field events and several went on to win gold medals. 

Berlin Olympics

1976: Renowned actress Elizabeth Taylor divorces actor Richard Burton. This is Taylor’s sixth divorce and her second divorce from Richard Burton specifically. In total, Taylor had seven husbands and eight marriages. She was as famous for her love life as she was for her acting. Taylor was nominated for four BAFTAs over her career, winning one for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 1967. In 1999, she won an Academy Fellowship award. 

Elizabeth Taylor

1981: On this day in history, MTV is launched. At the beginning of its career, MTV was known for its music videos and Video Jockey hosts. Today, the channel has evolved to include a line up of reality television series and other shows that have little to do with music and much more to do with pop culture. 

MTV has also left another significant mark on the music industry. In 1984, the channel hosted the first MTV Music Awards show or VMAs. The iconic award statuettes handed out to VMA winners are called “Moonman,” the channel’s original logo from its launch in 1981. Today, the VMAs are MTV’s most-watched annual show. 

MTV Launch

2016: Anthrax breaks out in Siberia, killing one and infecting eight other people. A further 2300 reindeers fall sick with the disease and die. Anthrax is a bacteria that primarily infects sheep and cattle and attacks the skin and lungs. The disease can be transmitted to humans and causes a form of pneumonia and painful skin ulcerations. 

Many different diseases, viruses, and bacteria are thought to be trapped in the permafrost in regions like Siberia and Antarctica. With this particular outbreak, global warming was blamed for activating the bacteria when permafrost temperatures rose. Other fatal diseases thought to be trapped in the ice are bubonic plague and smallpox. Up to 60% of all people infected with smallpox will die from the disease. 

Anthrax breaks out in Siberia

Famous Birthdays

1963: Coolio

A famous American rapper, Coolio is most known for his song, “Gangsta’s Paradise” which premiered in 1995. The album the song was featured on won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year, and an MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment. 

Famous Deathdays

1903: Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane was a frontierswoman, and her real name was Martha Jane Canary. She is most known for her friendship with Wild Bill Hickok. On this day in history, she died of pneumonia at age 51. 

On this day in history, we hope we don’t have any more wild disease outbreaks to look forward to thanks to climate change and global warming. But at least everyone is given a fair chance to compete in the Olympics in the modern era, no boycotts required.

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