On August 26th

August 26th has been the perfect time of year for creativity, giving rise to some extraordinary innovations in art, music, and science. This day has been one of the most groundbreaking in history. Escape artists have defied the laws of nature and YouTubers have defied logic with notorious conflicts. Those born on this day range from talented artists to true saints.

Notable Events on August 26th in History

1498: Michaelangelo Commissioned to Carve the Piet√°

Translated as The Pity in English, this intricate sculpture is synonymous with Renaissance art. Michaelangelo is believed to have been just 25 years old when he constructed this masterpiece. He had begun his artistic studies at 13 years old when he started an apprenticeship with the famous painter, Ghirlandaio.

1843: The First Typewriter is Patented

The first typewriter was surprisingly invented over 400 years after the first printing press. Charles Thurber obtained U.S patent 3228 for his invention on August 26th. While the machine was bulky and slow, it was the first invention of its type that inserted paper onto a roller and allowed it to move horizontally to enable accurate spacing. His model was never manufactured but it paved the way for the imminent DIY revolution.

1907: Houdini Escapes From Chains Underwater at Aquatic Park

It was on August 26th that Harry Houdini first performed the act in which he is lowered into the water in Aquatic Park in a chained box and escapes unharmed. Houdini was an illusionist and escapologist who turned out to be one of the highest-paid entrepreneurs during his time. While Houdini loved to play with audience perception, he was staunchly opposed to abusing so-called psychic powers by promising to connect people to lost loved ones.

1959: Britain Introduces the FIrst Morris Mini-Minor

The iconic Mini is now produced by German car manufacturer BMW, however, for decades it was seen as a staple of distinctly British popular culture and made by Morris. It was just 10 feet long and hailed in its day as the epitome of common sense and ingenuity. The car cost ¬£378 and threw convention to the wind, setting new standards of comfort and road-worthiness in a very small car.

1968: The Beatles Release Hey Jude

This revered track by The Beatles was released on the 26th August, with Revolution as its b-side. It was the first record they release on their Apple record label and spent 19 weeks on the chart. Nine weeks of that were spent at number one. The band holds the record for the most number-one singles to this day.

2018; Boxing Match Between YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI Ends in a Draw

This was a crossover battle like the world had never seen before. Two of the biggest stars of YouTube — the most up and coming media platform — took part in a professional boxing match. They have nearly 40 million subscribers between them, so this was a hugely lucrative financial endeavor for both parties. The match ended in a draw, much to the disappointment of hordes of fans.

Famous Birthdays on the 26th of August

1910: Mother Theresa

Known as Saint Theresa of Calcutta in the Catholic church, this incredible woman touches the lives of millions of people through missionary work. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 and became a symbol of charity and selflessness.

1966: Shirley Manson

The outspoken singer in the band Garbage was revered for her edgy, sassy look and outspoken personality, underpinned with a thick Scottish accent. She went on to sing a James Bond theme tune and their song Number One Crush topped the U.S Billboard’s Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart.