On September 2nd

September 2nd has given rise to some extraordinary changes that have affected the entire globe. From transforming London into a blazing inferno to declarations of independence and heists, this is a day in history that has made an impact. Those who are born on this day have turned out to be megastars of film and sport — and haven’t looked at all bad while doing it.

Notable Events On September 2nd In History

31 BC: The Battle of Actium

This epic naval battle took place just off the coast of Greece. It saw Octavian (also known as Augustus) defeat the combined forces of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Through such a notorious, decisive victory, Octavian became the undisputed ruler of the Roman Empire. It is believed that the defeat of Mark Anthony’s 500 ships and 70,000 strong army was carried out by an army of 80,000 soldiers and 400 ships.

1666: Great Fire of London

Supposedly started in the bakery oven of Thomas Farriner, this is probably the most famous historical fire of all time. The fire started on Pudding Lane, an area that housed many warehouses full of oil, rope and timber. After a torrid summer in London, the blaze lasted for five days and rendered approximately 100,000 people homeless. A strong easterly wind also contributed to spreading the inferno from home to home.

1752: United Kingdom Adpots Gregorian Calendar

The Julian calendar had been used up until the inception of the British Calendar Act 1751, which was brought into action the following year. The most pressing issue with the Julian calendar was its lack of leap years — this meant the calendar was always eleven days ahead of the actual position of the earth. Also, using the Gregorian calendar meant the beginning of the year was officially moved from March 15th to January 1st.

1798: First Ever Bank Robbery in the United States

Philadelphia was ravaged by yellow fever during this year, an illness that went on to claim the lives of over 1,300 people in the city. During the turmoil, an inside job was carried out in what was then the capital city’s Bank of Pennsylvania. $162,821 was stolen — the equivalent of $3,093,599 today.

1931: Bing Crosby First Appears on the Radio

Bing Cosby went on to be heavily involved in the arms forces radio during World War II and his radio career spanned three decades. He worked on the radio during one of its most innovative and exciting times. In 1931, the technology of editing and recording had not yet been fully developed so Bing’s first shows were live.

1945: Ho Chi Minh Declares Vietnam Independent From France

Vietnam had been a colony of France since before the second world war. However, after France surrendered to Germany, the Japanese seized control of it. Ho Chi Minh saw this turmoil as an opportunity and returned to the homeland he had been in exile from for three decades to fight for independence.

Famous Birthdays

1964: Keanu Reeves

Keanu is one of the world’s most well-loved movie stars. He was born in Canada to an English mother and an American father of Chinese, Hawaiian, English, Irish and Portuguese descent. He has been praised by critics for his versatility and has starred in at least 70 films. One of the most groundbreaking appearances he made was in 1997’s The Matrix.

1965: Lennox Lewis

Lewis is a retired professional boxer who competed from 1989 to 2003. He holds dual Canadian and British citizenship but would represent Canada in the Olympics. He has defeated some huge names in the world of professional fighting, including Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko.