On September 4th

People born on September 4th are Virgos per the Western zodiac — a sign that’s associated with traits like hard-working, analytical and kind. In addition to several notable births on this day, lots of important and interesting events took place on September 4th. Keep reading for some famous facts about the 247th day of the year.

Historical Events of September 4th

1682: Halley Sees His Comet

English astronomer Edmond Halley observed the comet that was later named in his honor on this date in 1682. Before that time, scientists believed that comets only passed through our solar system once. Now we know that periodic comets, like Halley’s, are repeat visitors to our skies.

1781: Los Angeles Is Founded

Originally dubbed The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciúncula, the West Coast city of Los Angeles was founded on this date by 44 settlers of African, European and Native American backgrounds. They arrived from northern Mexico to set up a farming village that’s home to about 4 million residents today.

1888: Kodak Is Born

Rochester, New York, is the place where the Eastman Kodak Company got its start on this date in 1888. Its founder, George Eastman, invented flexible roll film, which, along with Kodak cameras and photo processing services, made photography more accessible to the average consumer.

1965: Help! Reaches #1

The Beatles’ single Help! reached the top spot on September 4th of this year and stayed there for three weeks. Help! was the title song for the movie and soundtrack album, and John Lennon said in an interview that it was one of his personal favorites from the Beatles’ catalog.

1998: Google Gets Its Start

Google was founded on this day in Menlo Park, California, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It started as a streamlined search engine but grew into offering more than 50 products and services. Even so, more than 70% of online searches worldwide are conducted using Google.

Famous Birthdays of September 4th

1960: Damon Wayans

American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer Damon Wayons was born on this day in New York City, into what would become a family of entertainers now considered to be a comedy dynasty. The Wayans family created the Scary Movie film series among other entertainment hits, and Damon recently starred in Fox TV’s Lethal Weapon.

1981: Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé was born on this day in Houston, Texas. From her early days singing in local talent shows, the Destiny’s Child vocalist has gone on to become a top-selling solo artist and film actress.

Famous Deaths of September 4th

2006: Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin grew up at his family’s reptile park in Australia and gained worldwide fame as TV’s Crocodile Hunter. He died at age 44 while filming an underwater documentary. In a tragic accident, his heart was pierced by a stingray barb. He’s remembered fondly and celebrated every November 15th at the Australia Zoo’s Steve Irwin Day.

2014: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was a comedy legend who died on this day in 2014, at age 81. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Russian immigrants. She was a frequent guest host on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and remained a popular TV personality up until her death. She died after experiencing complications during a routine medical procedure.