On September 7th

By the time September 7th rolls around, most school-aged children of the Northern Hemisphere are back in classrooms or soon returning. It’s a time of new beginnings for many, and it’s also a date that’s seen some famous events in the past, like the ones you’ll find below.

September 7th Notable Events

1630: The Founding of Boston, Massachusetts

The settlement that became Boston was first called Tremontaine because of its three hills, but on September 7th, 1630, Puritan settlers renamed it Boston, after a town in England. Among its many claims to fame, Boston was home to the first-ever public school and is a thriving port city to this day.

1921: The First Miss America Pageant

The Miss America Pageant is approaching its 100th birthday, and it’s come a long way since its start as a way to boost Atlantic City tourism. The first event featured only six contestants vying for a $100 prize. Miss America essentially began as a bathing-suit contest, but the organization is striving to be more inclusive of all body types and removed the swimsuit portion of the pageant in 2018.

1923: Interpol Forms in Vienna

The only worldwide police force, the International Criminal Police Organization, also known as Interpol, was founded on this date in 1923 as a response to increasing international crime that was especially affecting Austria. Today, it continues to fight crime from its headquarters in Lyon, France.

1960: Lyudmila Shevtsova Sets Olympic Record

On this date in 1960, Soviet runner Lyudmila Shevtsova ran a record 2:04.3 800-meter run at the Olympics in Rome. That’s noteworthy not only because of her time but also because the women’s 800-meter run had been banned from the Olympics since 1928. Male organizers believed that women were too delicate to run further than 200 meters. Shevtsova proved them wrong.

1979: Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) Debuts

Sports fans can thank father-and-son entrepreneurs Bill and Scott Rasmussen for their favorite TV network. ESPN debuted on this date, giving viewers 24/7 sports coverage for the first time in the U.S. In fact, in 1979, there weren’t any other 24 hour networks. Today, ESPN is viewed in millions of households around the world.

Famous September 7th Birthdays

1533: Elizabeth I

England’s celebrated Queen Elizabeth I was born on this date in Greenwich Palace, London, the daughter of King Henry VIII and his soon-to-be-beheaded second wife, Anne Boleyn. Surviving a harsh upbringing and imprisonment in the Tower of London, Elizabeth I took the throne at age 25 and ruled successfully for 45 years.

1860: Grandma Moses

Acclaimed folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses, still serves as an inspiration to anyone embarking on a second (or third) career. Born on a farm in Greenwich, New York, she didn’t take up painting until she was 77 years old but managed to achieve incredible success critically and monetarily.

1949: Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor was born this day as Gloria Fowles in Newark, New Jersey. Best known for her disco hits, especially the break-up anthem I Will Survive, she continues to tour the world and record new music.

Famous September 7th Deaths

1978: Keith Moon

The Who’s Keith Moon was one of rock and roll’s original bad boys, famously driving his car through the glass doors of a hotel rather than walking to the front desk to ask for his room key. The revered drummer died in London at age 32 from an accidental drug overdose. Eerily, he passed away in the same apartment where singer Mama Cass Elliot died four years earlier.